Farm Food- Dental Roll XS Mini x 7pcs

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 Farm Food Rawhide chews are produced at the same time as the rest of the animal is processed, it doesn't hang about to be sold to a third party before processing, like other rawhide dog chews. I've searched for a decent rawhide dog chew product for a long time now as most are either bleached or treated with preservatives. Farm Food Rawhide dog chews are only treated with water and oxygen to kill any bacteria during processing. They're not bleached or smoked either. They're not made from European pigs which are then shipped to China to be made into rawhide which is then shipped back to the UK. Benefits: - Not bleached - Hypoallergenic - Easily digestible rawhide - Made of hypodermic interstitial tissue (the softer tissue underneath the skin's surface) - Fine for dogs that suffer from food allergies assuming it's not a beef allergy - A thick rawhide for dogs that lasts longer than other dog chews - Will not stain your carpet, or become sticky and will not smell. Contains: - No additives (none are used before, during or after production) - No added colours, flavours or preservatives Ingredients: - 100% Beef Rawhide Country of Origin: Brazil

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