Pawise-Life Jacket -Green- Small

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including the beach, the river, or the pool, since he loves water, the perfect complement for him is: A life jacket for dogs! Your dog will swim more calmly, it will stay afloat and very comfortable in the water, so you will not have to worry about being over tired. In addition, the Pawise life jacket is very comfortable, you can adapt to the size of your dog in addition to having three different sizes.

Do you like water sports with your pet?

If you are passionate about water sports and your dog follows you everywhere, you need a Pawise life jacket. We know the good swimmers who are our best friends, the dogs, but they can get tired, so we must always be very careful in the water, with the Pawise life vest you will have less to worry about, plus it has a handle on the back for that you can easily catch your dog at the time you need it.

The Pawise lifejacket is very comfortable, so your dog will not have problems when using it, it is made with very high quality materials, this way you will have a quality product that ensures many hours of fun with your pet. It is available in two colors, orange and green, so that your dog is always visible while swimming.

Main features:

- Keeps your dog afloat
- Very comfortable and safe
- With adaptable strips
- Handle on the back so you can catch your dog whenever you want
- Top quality materials

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