Torus Bowl 1Litre

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Torus – The Ultimate Pet Water Bowl


As responsible pet parents we all realise that our beloved friends need plenty of fresh, clean water every day to remain healthy; it is our responsibility to ensure we provide a smarter way of thinking for our pet drinking habits. Torus is an ergonomically designed, portable and sturdy smart water bowl for cats and dogs that provides fresh, carbon-filtered water as often as the animal desires.  Conventional water bowls often contain a limited amount of water which can be further reduced by evaporation or spills which can lead to your pet being denied its daily fresh drinking water needs.

Benefits of the Torus Bowl:

  • Filters to provide fresh, clean water
  • Auto-replenishes as your pet drinks
  • No power or batteries needed
  • Stores up to 2L of water
  • Travel friendly
  • Keeps water cool
  • Non slip and non spill design
  • Multiple sizes and colours
  • 12 month warranty

Available in:

Red, Grey, Blue and Pink

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